In 2013 JoJo left home travelling. Distraught by the thought of leaving the spoon collection behind, at having to eat with other cutlery for the first time, she carved a spoon. A small spoon. The perfect size to carry around. To fit in a pocket. And so the Pocket Spoon was born.

They travelled together for many years, to many countries and many restaurants. Pocket Spoon developed a beautiful patina, rich and dark in colour, no longer pale and creamy.

It made so much sense – like a little bit of home, travelling with you at all times. Making every meal a bit more joyful. And always an interesting point of conversation!

Now we want to spread that further. As our environmental concerns grow stronger, and we look at what little steps we can take to help out, we look at our disposible plastics.

Join the movement. Carry a Pocket Spoon. Never have to use disposible cutlery ever again.